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The ultimate mission of Trade With Me Now is to teach and communicate a methodology which will result in consistent successful trades..week after week...month after month. Many members take the information and methodology we teach and combine it with their trading experience and desire an elevated premiere program that is at a higher level and provides customization.

Our Legacy membership is an exclusive alert system for members with larger accounts, greater experience and higher risk tolerances.

Exclusive Alerts For Larger Accounts

These alerts are not only for more experienced traders or traders who have accounts over $10K but for any member who is interested in taking a little larger position size...someone who wants the best of the best!

Entry, exit and targets for Michael's trades.

Private Legacy Trading Room

This trading room is exclusively for Legacy members. There will not be basic topics discussed here...this is a higher level conversation and an elevated trading experience every week.

One-on-One Trading Room Sessions

Many members at all levels have asked for one-on-one coaching or analysis of their trades, trading plan, etc. Our Legacy members will have access to 30-minute sessions in a private trading room.

Here Is What You Are Going To Get

The most critical component of our Legacy service is our trade alert program. We align all our trade setups with the Market Weather Report, followed by our sector analysis, customized stock lists, then our 321 Liftoff Indicator. You will receive these LEGACY trade alerts in real-time as we take the trades. THESE TRADES ARE NOT TEXTED OUT TO OUR GENERAL MEMBERS.

Full access to all our videos and documents to narrow your focus on not only the fundamentals of options trading, but some of the crucial areas of our methodology and trader pyschology that will alter the way you look at trading. This library continues to grow as we add quality trading content.

Trading Insights & Ideas is an ongoing video series of Michael's technical analysis of the week's trades and the conditions of the markets...we look at our open positions and take a look forward with new trading ideas and strategies.

Advanced Options Training Course Library. All our advanced setups, chart setups and top-level strategies for experienced traders. We add to this course every month...

Michael's War Room - In addition to full access to our Masterclass Live Trading Rooms, Legacy members will have a private Trading Room for once a week live trading. You can ask any questions about the markets, tickers of your choice, strategies, etc. And chat with each other.

We make available private trading room sessions for one-on-one discussions. These are 30-minute sessions which are made by appointment only. Limit one per month. Michael will answer any questions, review symbols, your trade setups, your portfolio, your trading plan and STICK WITH YOU THROUGHOUT YOUR TRADING.

LEGACY is our Elite Service...

Add LEGACY now to your MASTERCLASS membership and get the best of everything we offer...Full access to all our video-based trainings, nightly videos, bonus videos & courses, all the live sessions and workshops PLUS you will keep receiving your MASTERCLASS alerts...and the Legacy trade alerts, Exclusive Legacy Trading Room and One-On-One sessions with us ongoing...

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